Agricultural Roots. Wall Street Pedigree.

Many people will agree: Great capital market experience is a finite resource. Even more rare is specific agribusiness expertise in the financial industry.

It is this very rarity that inspired us to create C.R. Narayanan & Co. So we could serve you.

Too often, agricultural businesses are undercapitalized. They face the continuous cycle of a supply side that ebbs and flows with the uncontrollable impacts of weather and the environment, prices that rise and fall based on surpluses or shortages, and an end-user market that contracts or expands with each new macroeconomic reality.

The hardworking agribusiness sector has enough to think about. When working with an investment banker, your expectation as a client should fall nothing short of believing wholeheartedly that your best interests are protected as financial solutions are explored and that your investment banker will work as hard as you.

At C.R. Narayanan & Co., we are committed to understanding your business objectives and core values. With those as the North Star in our engagement, we will deploy our agribusiness expertise and our professional network to unlock your company’s maximum potential value.