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Our founder and CEO, Christopher R. Narayanan, has been called on by numerous business and industry news outlets to offer perspective and expertise when it comes to investment banking for agribusiness companies.

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Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University - Agribusiness Entrepreneurship:

Congratulations to Narayanan ’96 for launching a rebranded firm! – 03/29/18

Christopher R. Narayanan ’96 recently shared the rebranding of his agribusiness investment banking service. Initially founded as GA Capital in 2017, the company was rebranded this year as C.R. Narayanan & Co.

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Farm & Rural Ag Network:

Future of Agriculture – Investment Banking in Agriculture with Wall Street Cowboy Chris Narayanan – 10/24/17

Chris shares his experience working on Wall Street as an investment banker. He also shares tips and ideas regarding investment banking as well as his insight on the future of agricultural business investments.

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AgWeb/Farm Journal:

Big Mergers Should Be Done, Mid-Size Mergers Could Be Next – 08/08/17

When you see these large firms start to merge, they have to divest assets. That gives the opportunity to mid-size companies to step in and sweep some of those company assets up.

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Financial Times:

Grain Prices Rally on Lower Estimates for US Crops – 01/12/16

“The market is trying to carve out a bottom,” said Chris Narayanan.

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How Low Will Agricultural Commodities Go? – 11/11/15

There will be short-term supply- side pressure on prices on the back of good weather conditions, according to Christopher Narayanan.

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Sugar prices headed lower: SocGen – 03/25/15

Chris Narayanan, Director & Head of Agricultural Commodities Research at Societe Generale, expects a lower cost of production for sugar in Brazil, which should increase supply and push down prices.

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Business Insider:

Wall Street’s Commodities Analysts Are Getting Their Hands Dirty In America’s Corn Fields This Week – 08/20/14

It's what commodities analyst Chris Narayanan describes as boots on the ground analysis. "It's a way for people covering the space in whatever capacity to get an idea as to what's out there and talk to people.”

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Industry Feedback

Chris’s background in investment banking and the agricultural sector is a rare commodity.

They have deeper knowledge than almost anyone else is going to have.

You typically have to teach people what Chris already knows. He has a fantastic ag mind and he has linked that to the financial world.